Know why cleaning is important

It is important to know the scope of the work, that is, to know if the cleaning of the offices includes bathrooms, kitchens or only offices and lobby. Although it seems obvious that when talking about construction cleaning services in Pittsburgh, PA you should include all these spaces, you must check the service schedule. Remember that this is related to the inventory, with the necessary human resources and the times available for the services, so it is always crucial to know the spaces to be cleaned in the office, hence the materials and human capacities for these jobs.

Electronic equipment cleaning: When you have indicated in the program you can clean keyboards, mice, screens, printers and other equipment. Never turn off or disconnect any electronic device such as regulators, computers, photocopiers or faxes because, although it seems that nobody uses them, there may be workers using them or they are in standby mode due to some pending work. When cleaning the phones, it must be verified that there are no calls on the line or that the lock button is not being dialled, the headset is cleaned as well as the telephone keypad.

The walls are also cleaned: If there are stains on the wall, you can remove the stain with a damp cloth and cleaner, but never apply chemicals directly to the surface. It is important that the stain is analyzed to verify what type of product can be used in addition to the cleaner and that the wall paint is not damaged. The cleaning of the walls should not be daily, but it is important to verify that no stain has been produced.

impeccable windows: To do this, the windows, doors and any other surface must be cleaned with this material. Only a cleaner with a squeegee and microfiber is used, avoiding runoff or spillage on the walls or floor at all times.

Handles and dampers must go through cleaning: With a damp cloth, clean all the switches and handles, preventing moisture from remaining on these much-used surfaces.

Sweep or vacuum rugs and carpets: Both above and below the rugs or carpets of the entrances and workstations are cleaned.

floor cleaning: It is an activity that should be done daily. Identify the type of floor to be cleaned, in the case of carpets, vacuum the surface going through the same place twice, without forgetting to include the corners and baseboards. In the case of laminate floors or ceramic surfaces, they are swept from the inside out without lifting with sudden movements, since it spreads throughout the space, dirtying the chairs and furniture.